Congratulations with the Architect’s Day

Architecture is part of our life, part of our culture and our heritage. Buildings, museums, schools, parks, cathedrals. Every one of them has its own history, own soul and own beauty…

We would like to thank you, dear architects, for creating our surroundings and our history. On this day, we are sincerely congratulating you with your professional holiday. We wish you continuous inspiration and interesting creative ideas. Let you experience many beautiful moments in life, let your health be strong and let success always be with you!


The AXOR team participates in a sailing regatta

On 16 September, the AXOR team participated in a sailboat race. On that day, our team was comprised of AXOR INDUSTRY sales and marketing specialists and representatives of our partners, whom we gladly invited to support our team. It was an unforgettable competition, with tons of positive emotions, drive and new achievements!


The Ukrainian Autocross Championship held with AXOR’s support

On 12 August, Dnipro hosted the 4th round of the Ukrainian Autocross Championship. The tournament’s title sponsor was AXOR INDUSTRY. Drivers from Kyiv, Cherkasy, Lviv, Kharkiv and other cities came to Dnipro to compete for the title. The hosts fielded their team, too. The spectacular event was held on the Dnieper embankment, the Festival Quay.


AXOR’s 6th anniversary!

On 29 July, AXOR INDUSTRY celebrated its 6th anniversary at a picturesque countryside complex on the bank of the Samara River. Marine dress code made the celebration especially charming. Our employees have proved once again that AXOR has a tightly-knit team united by the same goal and common ideas. It was especially vivid at numerous sporting competitions held during the celebration.


AXOR Open Day Kids!

The Open Day Kids, organized for children of AXOR INDUSTRY’s employees, went ahead on 3 June.
Where do our moms and dads work? How large is the AXOR plant? What does it produce and how? Up to that day, kids have only heard about a new high-tech manufacturing plant, a state-of-the-art production complex where their parents work. And now, they had an opportunity to see it with their own eyes.


AXOR INDUSTRY named the 2017 Brand of the Year

On 12 April 2017, AXOR INDUSTRY has received one of the most coveted awards for any brand in Ukraine, the 2017 Brand of the Year. The AXOR brand won in the Impeccable Quality nomination.


AXOR INDUSTRY participates in the Dialogue with the Window Market Leaders

On 31 March 2017, AXOR INDUSTRY attended the Dialogue with the Window Market Leaders, a conference organized by the online portal OKNA.UA. The conference was very eventful, informative and included active discussions from the standpoint of all participants of the Dialogue. The attendees had the opportunity to talk directly to the industry’s coaching, financing, research and regulatory control specialists and representatives of leading window, profile, IGU and hardware manufacturers.


AXOR hardware undergoes crash testing

On 29-30 March, the Association of Window and Facade Market Participants held a master class of window’s installation with burglar resistance locking plates with AXOR Smart Line S+ hardware. During two attempts 3 minutes each, a professional “burglar” tried to breach the structure’s integrity, but AXOR hardware withstood the test and didn’t let the “burglar” pick the window structure. This crash test has successfully confirmed the conformity of AXOR Smart Line S+ hardware with RC2 security class.


Our Moldovan partners visit AXOR INDUSTRY’s manufacturing plant

On 16 March 2017, AXOR INDUSTRY’s manufacturing plant welcomed visitors from Alegro LG, a partner company of our distributor in Moldova, Plastcomplex.The visitors were truly impressed by the scale of production, quality control system and the process of testing finished products at AXOR laboratories, sharing their experience at the end of the tour.


A scholarship program from AXOR INDUSTRY

Desirous of providing support to talented and promising Ukrainian youth, AXOR INDUSTRY launches a program offering monthly financial reward to students of Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technologies and the National Academy of Metallurgy of Ukraine in Dnipro.

Scholarships will be awarded to students of the aforementioned higher education institutions in two categories: “for academic progress” for the best students, and “beneficial scholarship” for low-income students (orphans and children deprived of parental care).


AXOR INDUSTRY launches Open Day project

On 24 September 2016, the first meeting will be held within AXOR INDUSTRY’s new project – Open Day.
We invite everyone interested in the development of window industry to visit the only full-cycle plant in Ukraine and in Eastern Europe manufacturing hardware for PVC windows and doors – AXOR plant.



On 25 July 2016, AXOR INDUSTRY celebrated its 5-year anniversary.

We are grateful to all our colleagues, customers and business partners for their sincere, warm and inspirational greetings in honor of our first anniversary. We are always open to cooperation for prosperity of our company and partners.



On 7 July, AXOR INDUSTRY took part in a large-scale event dedicated to the Day of the Architect in Kyiv.
The number of participants exceeded 600 persons. They included designers, architects and other experts related in their professional activities to decoration of construction projects.



AXOR INDUSTRY offers First Tilt hardware set.



AXOR INDUSTRY hosted representatives of the European Business Association (EBA) on February 12


Laboratory AXOR INDUSTRY passed the official certification

Laboratory AXOR INDUSTRY with the function of the quality control department was officially certified for measurements in the field and outside the sphere of the state metrological control.


Sales training for Ventana

October 26th, Simferopol LLC AXOR INDUSTRY has conducted an intensive sales training for Ventana


IFT Rosenheim started testing hardware Komfort Line K-3

IFT Rosenheim started testing hardware Komfort Line K-3 to confirm its compliance with the international quality standards.


The first tablet had found its new owner!

The first tablet had found its new owner! The winner is a dealer of the company

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