After a nationwide survey, the Ukrainians choose AXOR hardware

After a nationwide survey, the Ukrainians choose AXOR hardware

During 2017, the Ukrainians evaluated representatives of the domestic consumer market in an independent online survey, the 2017 Ukrainian People's Award. The survey’s respondents were Ukrainian consumers, who were asked to select the best representatives of the goods and services market and vote for the manufacturer of their choice. Holding their breath, AXOR INDUSTRY representatives monitored the voting process.

Finally, the voting came to an end and results were announced. In the Window Hardware Manufacturer nomination, AXOR products became the undisputed leader, scoring the largest number of points and leaving all other competitors far behind in the rating chart. It came as no surprise, though, because today, every third window installed in Ukraine comes with AXOR hardware.

For consumers, AXOR means an optimal combination of price and quality. Windows with AXOR are made to last for decades!

For window manufacturers, AXOR is that very “sweet point” where the customer receives consistently high quality and service at the optimal price.

AXOR’s prices “include”, first of all, the unchanging product quality.
AXOR’s assets (state-of-the-art production complex, our own laboratories, skilled personnel) and geographical advantage (our manufacturing plant is located in Central Ukraine) allow our company to manufacture products of consistently high quality at affordable prices, thus staying ahead of competitors in the Ukrainian market.

High level of partnership and service.
AXOR devotes substantial attention to development of partnerships and service for our customers, offering technical and marketing support, training classes for partner’s personnel and dealers, warehousing logistics, hardware mounting and adjustment tools, etc.

“People’s voting” is the best and most vivid indicator of the choice of Ukrainian manufacturer and Ukrainian buyer of windows.