A fast-growing international company that went a long way from a distributor of hardware for PVC windows to a world-known manufacturer.

Today, our company has own modern plant in Dnipro, Ukraine, producing window and door hardware. The AXOR plant represents the №1 full-cycle production complex in Ukraine and one of the industry’s largest plants in Eastern Europe.

All production processes at the plant are fully automated, organized with environmental safety requirements and EN and DIN standards, and have been certified by IFT Rosenheim (Germany), the industry’s leading institute. Quality control is implemented at all production stages, and includes product testing at our own certified laboratory.

All products of AXOR INDUSTRY are conforms with DSTU, GOST and European CE standards, and have been successfully certified under IFT Rosenheim’s QM 328 program.

Fundamental principles of AXOR INDUSTRY’s business

  • Professional ethics
  • Analysis of strategic and up-to-date information
  • Professional and personal development of employees
  • Accommodation of customer’s interests and local market specifics
  • Impeccable reputation

High-tech production

Production of window and door hardware

Production of window and door hardware always connecting with high precision. That’s why, AXOR INDUSTRY with seriously responsibility designs every process at the product development and production stages, using advanced high-tech equipment and progressive technologies.

To achieve the best results, AXOR INDUSTRY closely works with its customers and carefully studies market trends. The company’s quality and innovations department thoroughly analyzes all available information to make sure that all requests and requirements of PVC windows market participants are accommodated in the course of development and manufacture of AXOR INDUSTRY products.

Full production cycle

Raw materials


For production of hardware, AXOR uses only high-quality raw materials (European-manufactured steel) which passes obligatory quality tests at our laboratory.



The use of modern equipment and die-casting method allows us to produce high-precision blanks for AXOR hardware.



Powerful advanced equipment used at the press unit helps to produce up to 30,000 high-quality elements per hour.



Protective anticorrosion coating is plated onto metallic surface of hardware parts at our own fully-automated plating unit. Two autonomous plating lines (28 basins) allow for simultaneous covering of different type of parts.



All elements which are carrying main load on the sash are automatically assembled to exclude human factor and achieve high precision of finished elements.

Finish good


The plant’s logistics are based on the address-specific product accounting and storage system, helping complete all orders fast and accurately.



Our own certified laboratories located on the plant’s area and featuring advanced equipment works non-stop, 24 hours a day, to conduct comprehensive tests (for the number of opening cycles, resistance of hinges to excessive loads, and corrosion resistance tests in the salt spray chamber).

Quality control


To ensure compliance with national and international quality standards, AXOR INDUSTRY has quality control department conducting random and ongoing tests at every production unit.

Professional team

Highly-professional and competent specialists

Only highly-professional and competent specialists can create a high-quality product. AXOR INDUSTRY believes in the potential of its personnel, and considers continuous professional growth as unalienable part of its policy.

The AXOR INDUSTRY team consists of talented designers, technologically-minded production engineers, product maintenance experts and sales specialists.

AXOR INDUSTRY always welcomes talented people who have their own point of view, fresh ideas and desire for success to join our team. If you want to work at AXOR INDUSTRY, contact us at hr@axorindustry.com. We’ll be happy to talk to you.

High quality products

Implements new production technologies

High quality of our products cannot be assured without research-and-development approach to solving questions connecting with hardware development and production. For that reason, AXOR INDUSTRY conducts regular product tests and continuously implements new production technologies.

All AXOR INDUSTRY products are tested on special equipment. We have several laboratories on the plant’s territory where 24 hours per day provides durability tests, load resistance tests and impact of aggressive environments for hardware. Our specialists closely monitor the compliance with all applicable standards. At the same time, we continuously improve our criteria that guarantee high product quality.

According to tests, AXOR INDUSTRY hardware can provide more than 20,000 tilt and turn and more than 10,000 turn cycles of window opening, which is equal to 15 years of normal usage of window construction.

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