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A line of parallel-sliding systems AXOR Intent

Mechanical impost connectors manufactured by AXOR INDUSTRY are a high-quality product made of a durable metal alloy with an anti-corrosion coating.


9Saving space

the door advantageously saves space in the room, not taking up a lot of space in the open position and not clinging to interior items when opened. The design of sliding systems is decorated with portal hardware, which allows you to gently slide along special rails along the window or door.


9Design solution

Access to the terrace in the winter gardens, designer decoration of the balcony or loggia - all this becomes possible in implementation and comfortable in use with sliding systems of AXOR Intent. Such structures look especially advantageous in rooms where a picturesque view opens from the windows or doors. In this case, the surrounding landscapes become a continuation of the interior.


9Position and possible options for opening the sash

  • 1. two-component element: one sliding sash (left or right)

  • 2. three-component element: one sliding sash (left or right)

  • 3. three-component element: two sliding sashes (left or right)

  • 4. four-component element: two sliding sashes (left or right) with a fixed impost between the HKS elements or without


9More light in the apartment

Do sliding systems allow you to install doors? structures of larger sizes, due to which the rooms look more spacious and become brighter. Thus, the room, balcony or loggia receives maximum natural light.


9Ease of use

There are several types of sliding systems. The most popular among them are parallel-sliding ones, which allow not only to open windows/doors. in one plane, but also to throw the structure away for ventilation. The AXOR Intent parallel-sliding system is designed with maximum user convenience in mind. It can easily be moved to the <folded> position, allowing access to fresh air around the room.


9Anti-burglary resistance

The parallel-sliding system AXOR Intent can be equipped with special anti-vandal elements (mushroom-shaped pins and corresponding plates). This elements, together with other break-resistant elements of windows or doors, can serve as reliable protection of axes. from uninvited guests.


9Durability of the system

The construction of the AXOR Intent system is characterized by high quality and a reliable mechanism. We are confident in the quality of our product, which is why we provide a 10-year warranty for AXOR products.


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