Komfort Line K-3 fittings is the first in the AXOR INDUSTRY product line designed for plastic windows and interior doors. This system gives consumers a high level of reliability and functionality, while maintaining the attractiveness of the standard-class system. Windows with accessories Komfort Line K-3 have high performance properties, can be equipped with all additional options and equipped with several anti-theft elements.

Smart Line Accessories S + is the conceptual solution of AXOR INDUSTRY, which provides the maximum of options at the request of the consumer. Already in the basic configuration this line contains a micro-lift blocker, micro-slit ventilation and 5 points of clamping. Equipped with exclusively anti-theft elements, the Smart Line S + fittings allow the window to be completed according to several levels of anti-theft, including the highest according to international standards - RC2 (WK2). At the same time, the design solutions implemented in Smart Line S +, make this accessories not only reliable in operation, but also allow to increase the speed and ease of installation.

Door Line DL door locks - AXOR INDUSTRY product line, featuring mortise locks, mortise locks, bathroom door locks. AXOR's enclosed, fully steel body creates a complete aesthetic appearance of the structure and protects all of its parts from dust and construction debris. Door Line DL door locks have a faleovy latch, which is adjustable when necessary to change the direction of closing the door. Door Line DL locks have the ability to "lengthen" the strapping around the perimeter of the door, which ensures the tightness of the door structure, and can also be equipped with additional anti-theft elements.

Protective coating of accessories

The surface of all AXOR INDUSTRY products is protected by the patented Total Protect Technology coating, which provides high resistance to corrosion on the products throughout the life of the product. (According to the AXOR test results, the highest grade 5 corrosion resistance was awarded according to EN 1670).