A new product in the AXOR Industry range - AXOR Intent Smart&Quick!

A new product in the AXOR Industry range - AXOR Intent Smart&Quick!

We are happy to present you a new product - AXOR Intent Smart&Quick! This is the first Ukrainian-made hardware for sliding systems, manufactured at our full-cycle AXOR plant.

This system is ideal for large PVC structures because, unlike lift-and-slide systems, you do not need to lift the sash to move it. When the handle is lifted up, the sash independently moves away from the frame by 6 mm, after which a light push to the side is enough for the sash weighing up to 200 kg to open smoothly.

The main advantages of AXOR Intent Smart&Quick:

  • Ease of use

    There is no need to lift a heavy structure to shift, and friction during closing is minimized, making the system as easy to operate as possible.

  • Ideal for open facades and winter gardens

    High tightness ensures easy opening of large and heavy sashes, making this hardware ideal for such applications.

  • Large construction sizes

    The system makes it possible to manufacture PVC structures with a width of up to 1790 mm and a height of up to 2390 mm.

  • High thermal insulation and waterproofing

    AXOR Intent Smart&Quick provides high thermal insulation and water resistance, protecting against street noise, torrential rain and gale force winds.

  • Smoothness of movement

    Thanks to the built-in ball bearings, the movement of even large and heavy sashes is extremely smooth and easy.

  • Maximum tightness

    A continuous sealing circuit and a large number of pressure points guarantee maximum tightness of the system.

  • Protection against thieves

    The structure is equipped with mushroom locking pins paired with security locking plates, which ensures a consistently high break-resistance of windows and doors.

Open up new opportunities with the first hardware for Ukrainian-made sliding systems AXOR Intent Smart&Quick!