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Micro lift blocker

Provides comfortable window closure and prevents erroneous opening.


Ski lift

It eliminates sagging of the shutter during transportation or in the closed window mode.

Step ventilation

It is possible to set the stage ventilation, which allows you to adjust the desired ventilation mode, fixing the gap from 12 to 20 mm.

Micro-slit ventilation

Micro-slit ventilation allows the window to be opened 6 mm to allow air to enter the room without significant heat loss.

Bushing in lower loop

Inside the lower flap of the flap is a high-strength polymer retaining sleeve that prevents the screw from twisting during transportation, or when the flap is rotated during construction.

Upper loop support pin

When coupled to the scissors loop, it is rigidly secured, thanks to a special sleeve made of high-strength polymer that eliminates spontaneous disconnection in the "discarded" and "open" positions.

Decorative overlays

The choice of different colors of decorative lining on the hinge allows you to use accessories with different options lamination PVC window profile.


Provide a comfortable window closure due to the closure.