The AXOR INDUSTRY range includes Door Line DL door locks. Like all AXOR brand products, Door Line DL door locks are different:

  • reliability and durability of all elements;
  • durability of high-quality materials from which all details are made;
  • a unique protective surface coating that provides high corrosion resistance.

The closed, all-steel case of locks of AXOR Door Line DL creates the completed aesthetic look of a design and provides protection of all its details against hit of dust and construction debris in the mechanism.

In the Door Line DL group mortise locks, mortise short locks, locks for bathroom doors are presented.


Simply change the direction of the door opening

The faucet latch in the door lock is responsible for the direction of the door opening. The AXOR Door Line DL lock is made in such a way that the direction of the door opening can be easily changed (to the right or to the left) with a simple movement by pulling the latch on itself and turning it 180 °. This operation can be done on the lock installed in the door.


Strapping extension

The AXOR Door Line DL range includes locks with the possibility of "extending" the strapping around the perimeter of the sash, which allows you to install additional locking elements that will ensure a tight clamp of the door sash to the frame and the tightness of the structure.


Use of pressure sets with fastening on 3 screws

The structure of locks AXOR Door Line DL allows to use pressure headsets with three points of fastening (the European standard) that allows to fix reliably a headset on a door, providing its longer service life.


Crossbar in locks AXOR Door Line DL

The rail-lock with work from the handle, and also the short mortise lock with dornmass of 35 mm are completed with a crossbar with the steel pins providing more reliable protection of a door against breaking.


Anti-burglary pins

AXOR Door Line DL locks can be made using mushroom-shaped pins to equip the lock with anti-burglary properties.


Individual branding

AXOR Door Line DL locks have a special groove for branding, where you can install a metal cover with your logo. The logo on the castle is a durable and non-standard advertising that adds individuality to the product and successfully promotes your brand.