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Impost connectors

Impost mechanical connector NEW WDS 300, 303, 400

Impost mechanical connector
(WDS 500)

Impost mechanical connector
(WDS 8 Series)

Impost mechanical connectors manufactured by AXOR INDUSTRY are a high-quality product made of durable metal alloy with anti-corrosion coating.

Window handles

The AXOR INDUSTRY range includes standard window handles, Secustik window handles, key handles, with a button; double sided balcony handles as well as turtle balcony handles in a wide range of different manufacturers, including products from brands such as Hoppe and Imat

Door handles

Wide range of door handle models for plastic doors. Hoppe, Imat push headsets and office pens of Ukrainian production are presented.

Door hinges

Door hinges for PVC products of different sizes with different heights. The door hinges of European production under the AXOR brand are presented, as well as the door hinges Dr.Hahn and SimonsWerk.

Door cylinders

The AXOR INDUSTRY range features profile cylinders for PVC doors of various sizes, including double-sided door cylinders, key and key.

Door holders

Door clamps are designed for smooth, automatic door closing. In the range of AXOR INDUSTRY door holders are represented by different manufacturers (GEZE, RYOBI and others).

Door latches

In the AXOR INDUSTRY range, door latches are designed for use on PVC PVC profile doors.

Sliding systems

Parallel sliding systems for PVC are designed for ease of use of large window designs, balcony doors and "winter gardens". PVC sliding windows are easy to use, do not require space to open the shutters, unlike regular windows and doors. The AXORINDUSTRY range features Hautau sliding systems and USS systems.

Lamination pencils

Kanten Fix lamination pencil markers are intended for retouching of PVC profile (for painting welds of laminated PVC profile) of different color scale.

Window chemistry

AXOR INDUSTRY product range includes PVC window care products: solvents of different consistency, PVC glue, rubber glue, window care set.

Children's castle

A child lock on a plastic window is a locking device that is mounted on the bottom of the sash. The lock prevents the child from opening the window completely. At the same time the possibility of moving the shutter to the "discarded" position remains, which allows to ventilate the premises without fear for the safety of children. The AXOR INDUSTRY range features child lock locks under the AXOR brand.