Wrong operation safety device

It provides comfortable window’s closing and prevents of wrong opening.


Special ski-micro-lift

It excludes sash’s sagging down during transportation and as well as in window’s mode “closed”.

Stepped (step by step) ventilation

There is an opportunity to install the stepped ventilation that allows adjusting some the desired mode of ventilation therewith fixing some slit between 12 and 20 mm.

Micro-slit ventilation

Micro-slit ventilation allows to open slightly a window at 6 mm to provide ventilation without loosing of some heat.

Bushing of corner hinge

There is some bushing inside of the corner hinge with a special holder of design position. Thus, that bushing was made of high strength polymer and prevents unscrewing of adjustable bolt during transportation or sash’s turning at the time of exploitation.

Stay bearing pin

During junction of stay bearing pin with top sash’s hinge that junction point gets quite reliable fixation thanks to special bushing which was made of high strength polymer, that excludes spontaneous disjunction between itself in position “tilted” or “opened”.

Decorative covers

The chose of decorative covers’ different colors of hinges group allows using window hardware with different variants of laminated PVC profiles.

Stay arm

Stay arm provides window’s comfortable closing thanks to presence special sash’s closer.

Technical catalogue Komfort Line K-3 for PVC and aluminum profiles


Komfort Line K-3 for timber windows